Slimming Exercises – 15 Minutes to Get in Shape at Home

May 10, 2023

Everyone wants to get in shape and show off a slim and slender figure. Even though most people only decide that it is time to trim their bodies when the summer months arrive, this does not mean that we can not try and stay healthy all year round. There exist a number of different practices, specialized fitness and workout regiments that can help us look stunning from January to December.
The most popular of them include yoga, pilates, and Zumba. Modern people rarely have the opportunity to attend courses devoted to them after work. That’s why we’ve selected the best exercises you can safely do at home in order to achieve the perfect shapes.

One of the first things one needs to focus on if he or she decides to do slimming exercises at home is whether one wishes to work on the entire body or certain parts and regions of it. This is extremely important as these workouts involve separate physical activities.
The following article will focus on trimming exercises for the whole body, the main purpose of which is to shape the abdomen, arms, thighs, and booty. Carrying them out on a regular basis means that you have a strong chance to make your physique healthier and stronger, and your muscles tighter, without the odds of the latter becoming too large to be aesthetically attractive.
After doing the slimming exercises people will feel more vibrant and energetic, and stress and fatigue will quickly disappear after 15-20 minutes of increased physical activity. One will not have trouble sleeping but anyone who wishes to perform such workouts must keep in mind that they will have to watch out for food, excluding products that are rich in calories and fats from their menu.

Anyone who wishes to perform slimming exercises and workout regiments at home must preload himself with huge amounts of patience and persistence. No one has gone from rags to riches and turned into a supermodel overnight.
Visible results are quick to follow, however, and one should notice the first signs of trimming during the second week of training. Lean muscles should begin to appear and the silhouette will become slender.
Let’s take a look at which the most basic but efficient home slimming solutions are.

All beginnings are difficult and most people may feel tired but know that it is good to start every workout session with some kind of warm-up and conclude it on a similar note with a simple exercise to take the load off. This is a way to keep your body safe from the stress of the sudden transition from rest to heavier physical activity, and vice versa.

Different Ways of Doing Plank

Plank is extremely suitable for people who wish to form lean muscles on their arms, abdomen, and legs. This exercise helps in the formation of lean muscle mass, even though it requires practice and cannot always be done the right way from the start.
There exist several varieties of plank exercises and if one rotates between them, he or she will achieve excellent results.

Simple 5-minute Plank Workout


Traditional Plank

Begin by lying down in a pose that resembles that of performing push-ups. The body must then be lifted and the weight should fall on the toes and elbows of the arms. One round should last about a minute and a half, after which you have a couple of seconds to rest, and the exercise should be repeated.

Bouncing Diagonal Plank

It resembles the traditional one but the body and legs are shifted to the left, and one has to jump to the right. The abdominal muscles tighten and one must leap forward. The exercise series is repeated 15 times.

Sideways Plank with Dynamic Movements

The body should be in a sideways plank position leaning on the elbow of one of the arms that should be placed with the palm down towards the floor. The other is lifted up facing towards the ceiling.
The pelvis and thighs move towards the floor, trying not to touch it, and then rise back up. The weight loss exercise is repeated 15 times on one arm and then 15 on the other.


Side Leg Kick

In addition to helping you get into shape, this exercise can also prepare you for the future practice of some kind of martial arts sports, and it is a natural self-defense mechanism. The hands should be held as a boxing fist and hold up a little over the shoulders.
Both legs should be stretched at the same width along with them. The weight of the body should fall on the right leg while the left one kicks upwards to the side. This exercise is repeated 30 times with one and then 30 times with the other leg.

One-Leg Squat with One Stretched Arm

This type of physical exercise requires attention and the ability to hold your balance, which does not make it the most suitable for beginners, but once you’ve mastered the ones that come before it, it’s worth the try, as it will help you burn excess fat and drop calories in no time.
One must begin from a straight standing position. The feet should be at the same line with the thighs and the arms should be stretched to the sides of the body. The trainee must squat and then rise to a stretched position that is parallel to the floor.
The weight should fall on the right leg and the left ankle should be placed above the right knee. This must be followed by a small squat and then a return to the starting position. The process is repeated 15 times on one foot and 15 on the other.